Can the TWebBrowser be linked to other than MSIE?


I am developing, in Delphi 7, a HTML table producer called from a HTML editor. I need to monitor, in the table producer the resulting HTML/css code that it produces. The use of TWebBrowser is deceiving as it's display is not accurate, not conform to what Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 18 were giving 1. So I am looking for ways of modifying, adapting, or replacing the actual TWebBrowser to correct this rendering problem.

I thought that the User Agent Switcher might bring a solution as I understood that the User Agent what responsible for the application called in the TWebBrowser component. Is it so?


I made various test on my form, importing the UA Switcher's example. But not getting anywhere I rolled back to testing directly the example itself. This HTML test file was loaded into both the UA Switcher and Google Chrome. I used here the precompiled executable given in the example (avoiding to insert any more variables in the test). The Test file uses typical html/css code that the table producer yould generate. The following screen capture show both UA Switcher (left) and Google displays of the test file. Tests give similar results with Firefox or Google.


Below the table part of the test file is a javascript function showing the UA, and it doesn't seem to match the UA Switcher's

The table rendering is not adequate neither:


Maybe those HTML/css table issues can't be rendered by a TWebBrowser? Why?

Is there a way to have the TWebBrowser point to another browser?


  1. No box shadow, no even and odd rows, no caption-side: bottom understanding. Google and Firefox reports those items accurately. This rendering is identical to what the experience with the UA Switcher's executable gave.(see illustration).